Compassionate Veterinary Care for Your Cats

Jun 15

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Compassionate Veterinary Care for Your Cats

Cats are treasured members of our families for so many reasons, whether they’re at that adorable clumsy kitten stage, striding around in their prime, or in need of a bit more sleep and snuggles as they age. We want to make sure our feline companions lead the happiest, healthiest, longest lives they can, which is why it’s so important to get our cats the preventive care they need throughout their lives—not just once for a checkup and vaccinations after you bring them home from the shelter.

Kitten Care

Cats at every stage of life need different things. Kittens especially need a lot of veterinary visits, especially if they’re formally adopted (or found) at a very young age. Make sure your kitten sees the veterinarian every 3 to 4 weeks until they’re four months old.

Get Your Kitten Spayed or Neutered

It’s also crucial to get your kitten spayed or neutered as soon as your Cherry Hill veterinarian advises, which will be when they’re around 6 months old. Even if your cat stays indoors, it’s important to get them spayed or neutered —especially females, to prevent any unwanted pregnancies if they happen to get out. Unspayed female cats can become pregnant as young as 4 months old, having their first litter at six months, so it’s important to act quickly.

Annual Exams

After your cat has gotten spayed or neutered, you can reduce their vet visits to once a year. Adult cats should have a wellness examination annually. An annual visit allows your veterinarian to check out everything from their weight to their teeth, update their vaccinations even if they stay indoors, and assess their overall condition. Your cat clinic in Cherry Hill can recommend types of food if your cat is getting a bit chubby or is picky and underweight, advise you on portion sizes, and recommend ways to keep them active, alert, and moving as they settle into the groove of adulthood.

Now, when cats get to about eight or nine years old, they may not act like a senior citizen, but they’re considered in the geriatric age group! All this means is that it’s time to make sure they never miss a checkup, and to schedule follow-ups if your veterinarian thinks they might need more attention. Illness becomes more common as pets get older, and needs to be identified quickly if it’s to be treated with the best hope of a positive outcome.

Choosing A Veterinarian

When you adopt a cat or kitten, you’re agreeing to take care of him or her, nose to tail, for the rest of their life. Hopefully, your veterinarian will stay with you for that entire time, too, but sometimes that doesn’t work out because of a move, retirement, or some other change. When you’re looking for a veterinarian, find one dedicated to compassionate care—one who has all the necessary skills to care for your cat and answer your questions as he or she ages, who can diagnose and treat any issues, and who treats your cat gently and respectfully. Most cats aren’t terribly comfortable going to the veterinarian no matter how kind he or she might be, but the right veterinarian will help your cat relax and come away with the best experience possible. A veterinarian who is devoted to compassionate care will also empower owners with education and communication, allowing you to participate in a plan for your cat’s health that works for your cat’s needs as well as your own.

Contact Your Local Pet Clinic

Cherry Hill Animal Hospital is devoted to compassionate care for all cats (and dogs) that come in our door. A Cherry Hill veterinarian in Camden County, close to Mt. Laurel, has a team of highly trained doctors who are devoted to providing top-notch medical care with kindness and understanding. We make sure our doctors and technicians are Fear Free-certified and trained in handling techniques that are low-stress for your cat. Call (856) 325-2100 for veterinary care in Cherry Hill.

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