Doesn’t Your Pet Deserve a Lifetime of Compassionate Veterinary Care?

May 23

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Doesn’t Your Pet Deserve a Lifetime of Compassionate Veterinary Care?

Dogs offer us unconditional love and loyalty, and so it’s only fair that we take care of them. We can do this by making sure they receive compassionate veterinary care for the duration of their lives. After all, depending on how old they are, they will need very different care. Puppies require vaccinations, exams, and possible parasite treatments, and of course, it is highly recommended that pets be neutered or spayed due to the risk of unwanted pregnancies. Obedience classes are good for both younger and older dogs whenever they come into our lives, and a dependable veterinarian can help recommend local trainers. Even well-trained dogs still need regular examinations, lab work, nutritional advice, and possibly supplements, and older animals benefit from various diagnostic tests to get the jump on any potential illnesses on top of the usual exams and screenings.

Finding The Right Veterinarian

Considering the lifelong importance of veterinary care, it behooves both you and your dog to find a veterinarian who not only has the expertise and skills to manage your pet’s health throughout the years, but who is also specifically dedicated to compassionate care. What this means in practical terms is that your veterinarian’s top priority should be treating every animal gently, which helps nervous pets relax. Your vet should endorse preventive healthcare and also appreciate the importance of pain management for sick or injured animals. A veterinarian dedicated to compassionate care will never tell you that it is acceptable for a pet to be in any amount of discomfort, and will instead approach caring for your dog as if he or she were a doctor caring for any other member of your family.

Compassionate care isn’t just a service that any veterinary clinic can offer—it has to be a philosophy of treatment to which the hospital enthusiastically subscribes. The good news is that once you find such a veterinarian, he or she will be committed to helping your dog not just for the short term but year in and year out, from puppyhood to old age. Any vet might be able to run tests and conduct exams, but you and your dog deserve a professional who actually cares enough to listen to any concerns you might have, and who will form a personal bond with your pet.

Finding The Right Veterinary Clinic

A veterinary clinic dedicated to compassionate care won’t just rush you and your animal in and out, but will actively educate you in preventive care, nutrition, and other long-term health issues. The hospital should offer many treatment options and services, providing the comprehensive healthcare that your pet deserves while simultaneously honoring that unique bond everyone shares with their dog. A compassionate care veterinarian believes that seeing pets thrive isn’t just a day-job but a calling that demands a highly skilled doctor working in conjunction with a loving nursing team and the pet-owners themselves to offer an animal the best possible life.

Cherry Hill Animal Hospital is your Cherry Hill veterinarian in Camden County, just down the street from Mt. Laurel. All our doctors and our entire nursing team are compassionate, Fear-Free certified, and trained in low-stress handling techniques for your dog. Phone (856) 325-2100 for veterinary care in Cherry Hill.

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