At Cherry Hill Animal Hospital, we have a wide range of services that will provide your beloved pet with a lifetime of veterinary care and support.


When your pet is in need of general surgery or a dental procedure, you can feel confident knowing we are fully-equipped with all currently recommended monitoring devices as well as nurses and doctors experienced in anesthesia protocol.  Your pet will have an IV catheter, ECG, blood pressure, respiration and oxygenation, and temperature monitoring throughout the procedure.  Your pet will also have a dedicated team member monitoring his or her vitals and comfort levels at all times.  We tailor each anesthesia plan and drug choices based on your pet’s current health status and individualized needs.

The close monitoring doesn’t stop when your pet’s procedure is over, as a dedicated team member stays with your pet during recovery.  Your pet will see a friendly, familiar face as they wake up from their procedure.

We also have a board certified anesthesiologist within the Red Bank Veterinary Hospital network.  If you feel more comfortable having the anesthesiologist perform the protocol and monitoring of your pet or if your pet is considered high-risk, this option is available with advanced notice and scheduling.

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