At Cherry Hill Animal Hospital, we have a wide range of services that will provide your beloved pet with a lifetime of veterinary care and support.

Basic Grooming Care

Ear Cleaning

We know how difficult it can be to routinely clean your pet’s ears, especially if you are unsure of proper techniques. Our nursing staff is trained in ear anatomy and feels comfortable providing thorough ear cleanings for your pet.  If they feel that your pet’s ears look inflamed or painful, they will alert you of the problem right away and recommend that one of our doctors takes a look. They will also be happy to review proper ear cleaning techniques with you so you can feel more comfortable performing this important maintenance task at home.


Anal Gland Expression

What’s that fishy smell?  Does your pet tend to scoot and need regular anal gland expression?  We are happy to take care of this issue for you. Our nursing staff is specially trained in proper anal gland expression technique and knows what signs to look for that may indicate an infection or impaction of the glad.  They will alert you right away if there are any abnormalities that should be evaluated by one of our doctors.
If you find your pet needs this service a little more than usual, you can schedule an appointment any time to discuss common causes of anal gland problems with our doctors.


Nail Trims and Dremeling

Nail trims are an important part of your pet’s maintenance routine.  Well-manicured nails can result in better traction, gait, and posture. Overgrown nails can lead to injury and trauma as the nail can grow into the paw pad causing pain and infection.
Many clients know their pet’s nails contain a small blood vessel and that cutting the nail a little too short can result in bleeding and pain.  Take the stress out of your trims and schedule an appointment any time to have our nursing staff do the job for you.  They will utilize low-stress techniques and feed treats such as catnip or peanut butter throughout the visit.  They are also happy to teach you proper technique and behavior modification training for nail trims if you would like to work on this with your pet at home.

Some of our patients prefer the “Dremeling” technique when they are in need of a nail trim. A Dremel tool is used to file down the nail rather than clip, which results in an effective, low-stress, and low-stimulation nail trim option. Your pet will be able to relax as the Dremel works to reduce his or her nails to a safe, comfortable length

For our clients who utilize “soft paws” for their cats, we are happy to apply these for you as well as offer a demonstration for at-home application.


Tick Removal

Ticks can be very sneaky and when you think you have removed one from your pet, hard to detect remnants can lead to infection. It can also be difficult to determine what kind of tick is burrowed and for how long it was present in your pet’s skin.  Find a tick on your pet and want to make sure it is completely removed and does not pose a health risk?  We can remove the insect and ensure that your pet is completely parasite-free. Call us immediately after finding a pesky tick on your pet to make an appointment for removal.

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