At Cherry Hill Animal Hospital, we have a wide range of services that will provide your beloved pet with a lifetime of veterinary care and support.

End of Life Care & Quality of Life Evaluations

If your pet has been diagnosed with a chronic illness, terminal disease, or if symptoms of age have begun impacting his or her quality of life, making decisions on how best to help can be difficult. We want you to feel comfortable addressing these concerns with us and offer quality of life evaluations where you can discuss the changes you see in your pet.  Our veterinarian will perform a full physical exam using low stress, Fear Freesm techniques and spend time discussing what you are seeing at home.  We can provide tools for monitoring changes in routines over time and schedule periodic evaluations or phone discussions to see how your pet is progressing.  We can also help in determining comfort levels and achieving better pain management.

If the decision is made to let your family member pass, we will make every effort to provide a low-stress and pain-free experience for you and your pet.  We can discuss the full process with your over the phone so you are prepared ahead of time.  Generally, we will always start with a sedative so your pet can relax and feel comfortable prior to the procedure.

We have many options for aftercare, including cremation options with our highly respected and trusted partner, Hamilton Pet Meadow, where your pet will be treated like one of their own.  Please give us a call anytime for more information about this important time.

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