At Cherry Hill Animal Hospital, we have a wide range of services that will provide your beloved pet with a lifetime of veterinary care and support.


A microchip is a small tube the size of a rice grain that is inserted under your pet’s skin; very similar to receiving a vaccine.  It is something that can be done while your pet is awake or at the time of an anesthetic procedure (such as a spay/neuter).   Your pet’s microchip number is unique and will be linked to your name, phone number, and address.  In the event that your pet is lost, all veterinary facilities and shelters are equipped with a scanning device that can read the microchip and look up your information.  This way, even if your pet loses his or her collar, you can feel confident that the finder should be able to contact you.

We strongly encourage that all patients be microchipped to protect against the loss of any beloved dogs or cats in our community. This is why included with your microchip fee, we offer a free year of Home Again services, which registers your microchip and includes complimentary calls to the 24/7 ASPCA Poison Control line.

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