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Training Classes: Dog

Adult Dog Basics Training Class

These classes assist your dog in reaching their full potential by teaching you what motivates your dog and how they learn. Classes strengthen the bond between you and your dog and help guide you in nurturing a confident, calm, and responsive companion.


Classes will be held at Cherry Hill Animal Hospital in our lobby and fenced in backyard.

Types of Classes

  • Dogs 6 months and older.Classes are designed for dogs that have not received any prior training:
    • COVID puppies in need of training
    • Newly adopted adult dogs with no major behavioral issues

Course Topics

  • Basic Training Behaviors (sit, drop, settle on mat, stay, loose lead walking, recall)
  • Interpreting body language
  • Managing undesirable behaviors
  • Force Free training methods and learning theory


$175 for 5 classes.

  • The first one is informational and for pet parents only. The other 4 include the dogs for hands-on training.
  • Classes are held weekly for approximately 1 hour each.

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